Tank cleaning

Vessel and tankcleaning

  • Cleaning up after oil spill, oil leaks, tank overfills
  • Cleaning with interim storage of existing product remains
    Product transverse displacement with dangerous goods – high-volume vacuum
  • Internal revision with ultrasonic wall thickness measurement / Floor Scanning


Pressure test / Wall thickness test

  • External inspection of free-standing fuel oil tanks with issuance of a protocol
  • Implementation of repeat pressure tests with liquid level tube at cyl. subterranean Storage tanks and pipelines
  • cleaning and pressure testing of pipelines
  • Review of electrical overfill prevention

Manufacture of new installations

  • Supply and installation of storage tanks and pipes acc. technical regulation
  • Installation of oil storage tanks
  • Construction of fuel depots
  • Delivery of fill level meter elements
  • Execution of all magisterial means


  • Decommissioning of tank systems including dismantling in accordance with the provisions laid authorities
  • Execution of all regulatory paper work
  • Cleaning and making fuel oil storage tanks gas free
  • Removing (also non sparking) and transportation of fuel oil storage tanks, including pipes
  • Cutting openings in fuel oil storage tanks (to deactivate or for sampling)
  • Filling of subterranean containers with non-settling material (e.g. lean concrete)
  • Removal of underground oil filling pipes from the public good (eg, from the sidewalk) in coordination with the responsible authority (in Vienna MA37A and MA45)
  • Execution chemical tests, soil sampling
  • Removal and disposal of contaminated soil

Refit of old tank storages

  • Installation of inner claddings
  • Conversion to double-wall system
  • Installation of Overfill prevention
  • Delivery of fill level meter elements
  • Execution of all magisterial means

High capacity tanks

  • Cleaning large tanks in the tank farm range – free of emissions with thermal exhaust air cleaning
  • Cleaning of pipelines

Thermal waste air purification

Mobile thermal exhaust air cleaning system (torch) for avoidance of emissions of unburned hydrocarbons in large-tank cleaning

Flaring of explosive and dangerous gases

Pressure vessels

Preparation for revision and pressure testing of pressure vessels for compressed air, liquids and gases, steam and hot water boilers. Pressure applying and coordinating the acceptance by the responsible inspection bodies.
Revision of LPG tanks by means of gas pressure medium for sound emission check. This test method allows for the implementation of the revision without drainage of fluid gas with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. For maintenance, temporary storage of the product in containers to T 2 is possible.