Decoking / Pigging

The Pigging Decoking System

Our pigging system is a fully proven and extremely effective process that removes coke build up from heater tubes in a series of highly controlled incremental cleaning runs.

Because the mechanical decoking by pigging process is much more effective than steam air decoking, chemical cleaning or any other mechanical cleaning method. You the customer, experience all the economic benefits of an increased run length, longer tube life, lower fuel usage and improved furnace reliability.

Our bi-directional Pigg control method enables the cleaning of furnaces which incorporate reducers and changing pipe diameter without having to make any modification. It will allow localised aggressive cleaning of the most contaminated section of furnace, thus maximising cleaning performance.

The Pig

The Pig – a compliant and flexible cleaning device – is the key to our Process. This polymer Pig, available in diameters from 1 to 36 inch, will negotiate short radius elbows, plug headers and U-bends, obstacles that have long out performed conventional piggs. Our Piggs are the only Pigs designed to incorporate an array of interchangeable appendages threaded into the Pig body which allows the cleaning heads to be adapted to suit any conditions encountered in refinery heaters.