Chemical treatment pickling

Why is a chemical treatment (pickling) required?

Austenitic steel:

  • The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is due to the formation of a very thin passive chromium oxide layer, which forms only on pure metallic stainless steel surfaces
  • Scale layers, welding and discoloration, ferritic impurities (eg abrasion), machining (eg grinding, sandblasting, etc.) / affect the formation of a closed passive layer
  • Only properly pickled stainless steel surfaces and welding seams guarantee the full corrosion resistance of the material and provide a decorative metallic appearance

Ferritic steel:

  • Prior to the initial use or after modification, of steam pipe systems on turbines and gas lines, the chemical pickling and passivation of the system components is recommended by the VGB
  • Only professionally stained tubes guarantee a smooth and efficient operation of the system and its individual components

Chemical cleaning of heatexchangers and lines

  • Recirculation pickling / cleaning using acidresistant pump – also frequency controlled
  • Execution of pickling on site
  • Processing Documentation

Pickling of metal surfaces

  • Immersion pickling of parts in our factory
  • Execution of pickling on site
  • Processing Documentation