Boiler cleaning power plant service

Cleaning of power plants and waste boilers

  • Cleaning and sanitation of facility and all facility equipment
  • Waste Management
  • Comprehensive consulting

Cleaning of biomass furnaces

  • Cleaning of the flue gas side heating surfaces
  • Cleaning of the Thermo-oil heat exchanger also at ORC plants
  • Cleaning of the evaporator at ORC plants
  • Waste Management
  • Comprehensive consulting

Service of flue gas treatment plants

  • Service of FGD systems (wet, semi-dry and dry-process)
  • Service of water treatment Systems
  • Comprehensive consulting
  • Waste Management

Sewage Handling / sludge dewatering

  • sample drainage
  • consulting and Design
  • chamber and membrane filter presses
  • sludge centrifuges
  • Exhaust air purification systems
  • Wide range of accessories

Service Of ESP

Dry and wet chemical cleaning. Cleaning of flue gas desulphurization plants in containers, piping, scrubbing towers, etc.

Air Preheater Cleaning

Cleaning of all air preheater systems in high and low pressure process

Cleaning and pickling of steam boilers

  • Pickling of a new plant before the first start
  • Chemical cleaning operations-related deposits of existing plants if the pressure drop has increased significantly and the heat transfer is reduced

Cleaning of turbine capacitors

Catalytic converter regeneration

Cleaning and regeneration of DeNOx catalysts for contamination and structure tailored wash cycles.

Central-heating boiler cleaning

  • Flue-gas side boiler cleaning
  • Fireclay service of boilers
  • water-side boiler cleaning (chemical or hydrodynamic)
  • Descaling of hot water boilers
  • Preparation of pressure tests on boilers for acceptance by the boiler inspector
  • Dismantling and removal of boilers in boiler replacement or decommissioning